Business Ethics Consulting

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Business and Technology Ethics

Ethical considerations form an integral part of current economy. With changed economic scenario, the ethical and commercially efficient trading go hand in hand.

Business and corporate ethics indicate how both perspectives can be connected to offer successful, aspiring business management for all target groups. The business ethics should be established for social and sustainability management. Systems installed without the proper consideration of ethical principles risk to be misused for short-term financial gain, from which neither the company nor its stakeholders can profit in the long run.

In order to integrate ethics and social responsibility in your business processes, we support you in the development of management and governance measures such as codes of conduct, ethics codes, ethical guidelines, CSR models and sustainability policies. We perform detailed analysis and study your ethical situation and then advise you in cases of conflict:

  • Detailed analysis of business ethics and environment ethics
  • Technology ethics
  • Business- and environmental ethical conflict resolution
  • Codes of conduct
  • Ethics codes
  • Ethical guidelines
  • CSR models
  • Sustainability policies